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Balcony flowerpot holder, galvanised

The balcony pot holder is produced to last for many years. It is made of iron. with strong welds and a rough finish.

The pot holder is hot-dip galvanized, in a zinc alloy hot at 460 degrees. The zinc sticks to the iron like a thick syrup. This is the absolute best way to prevent the iron from rusting.

The pot holder is available in two sizes.

Height: with hook 19 cm - without hook 10 cm
Diameter: 13-16 cm
The hook can gape over 4 cm

Height: with hook 23 cm - without hook 11 cm
Length: 52 cm
Width: 12 cm - with hook 21.5 cm
The hook can gape over 4 cm

Material: Hot-dip galvanised metal


HS: 7323.94.0000

Made in: Slovakia

HS-Code: 7323.94.00.00
Country of Origin: Denmark
Weight: 0.29kg
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